Every October my social media feeds are taken over by #Inktober. Inktober is a drawing challenge first started by Jake Parker. The rules are simple; you create one ink drawing a day for the whole of October.
Coming from a digital background, I use my tablet every day and very rarely do any physical drawing. So I never thought of taking part in Inktober, simply because of my modest drawing skills. However, this year I noticed a few motion designers were joining in too so I decided to give it a go myself.
The biggest challenge for me was finding the time to draw every day. But once I managed to sit down and do it, I absolutely loved it. I immediately remembered how relaxing drawing is to me and how refreshing it can be to use your hands every now and then.

In the end I only managed to do 22 drawings over the whole month – but I’m very glad I did it. I have noticed my drawing skills improve. Most importantly, I have increased my ability to visualise ideas from my head, which is extremely beneficial for my day to day work as a motion designer and illustrator. So, from now on I will do my best to pick up a pen or pencil every so often and I’m already looking forward to Inktober2017.

Stop Customer Abuse Campaign

The rise of ad-blockers is a sign that digital marketing is becoming more and more intrusive. Your online journey is filled with unwanted messages bombarding you from every direction. Sometimes it feels like the customer isn’t getting a say anymore, the ads just keep coming and for every new pro-customer innovation, there’s 5 new tricks that the advertisers will adopt to make sure we hear them.

This summer, I worked with Digital Animal to develop a campaign highlighting this issue. They believe there’s a better way: identifying and nurturing customers who love what you do has always been a cornerstone for marketing success. Focusing on these customers and encouraging them to make genuine recommendations to their friends is what Digital Animal is all about.

Their campaign idea was to put together a series of ‘digital marketing confessions’ and ask people to play a game and fill in the blanks, guessing what the truth behind the confession is based on some crossword style clues. Only once you’ve guessed each missing word correctly can you proceed to the next confession.

Working closely with Digital Animal team, I created an illustration style that would give the campaign a distinct look. From there, I developed a series of animated GIFs to dramatise the marketers’ confessions. Why not see how many words you can guess and animations you can unlock!